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Dressage Horse Sculpture: Long Term Project Update » dev.farmgirlarts.com
Nov 062012

This is my most exciting sculpture project, because I not only love to look at horses, but I owned, showed and bred horses for years in my teens and 20’s. I feel that I know the energy and body of horses so deeply, like my own skin and muscles, because of all the time I spent rubbing my hands over them and sitting on their backs while in motion. I started this horse sculpture as an experiment in size and detail. It is a demo that will travel with me when I go to markets and fairs.

(Click on the photo to see the details better!)

My main goal is to work in as many of the intricate detailing of tendons and muscles as possible. When I was young, I would draw horses with that level of detail. I loved running my hands over these muscles and tendons on my own living horses after a good ride. 

(Click on the photo to see the details better!)

Right now, the piece stands 9 inches tall at the withers (shoulders) and is 16 inches long from tip of extended front hoof to back hoof. 

(Click on the photo to see the details better!)

Using no armatures so that I could achieve extreme density, I had hoped that the legs would be able to support the body. At this point, it is unlikely that this will be the case. I may have to run a rather thick wire up through the hooves and into the canon bones. We’ll see. 

I have 4 commissions in line right now, so I will have very little time to work on the horse until after the new year. I’ll keep you posted.

  4 Responses to “Dressage Horse Sculpture: Long Term Project Update”

  1. I was wondering how your progress was coming. The details are amazing and I look forward to more updates, as time allows 🙂 What type of commissions are you working on?

  2. Thanks, Shannon! I finished a lovely white faced angus cow right before SAFF, almost twice my usual size. I’ll post pictures first of next week. I’m starting a Tiger, then an Aussie, then a black standard Poodle, then a Greek sheep. I’ve had to turn down Xmas commissions. I just dont like to make promises I cant keep.

    You’ve been busy! Lovely little Doggies!

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